Dear colleagues !

We are a distribution company of cosmetic products intended for professionals in the world of beauty and well-being.
Our mission is to innovate the Belgian market and build a platform for the best professional products in the field of aesthetics.

But how did it all start?
Our story begins 11 years ago with the opening of a beauty salon “Beauty Time” located in the heart of the European Community district. It is the story of a beautiful union of Russia and Belgium with professionalism and the will to bring to the world of aesthetics the best knowledge related to the latest innovations and trends in the world of beauty. It is this constant search for improvement that has led us to create our own “Beauty platform” with a selection of products that is revolutionizing the aesthetic market.

Our mission
It is not only a question of the sale of specialized products, tested and approved by the results of our customers, but also and above all of an in-depth and personalized approach thanks to the seminars, work -shops and master classes that we organize. every week in our “Beauty Time” salon, located a stone’s throw from Place Jourdan.
During these seminars our customers will have a presentation of the products on a model with a detailed explanation of the key components and their benefits. It is a moment of meeting in a friendly atmosphere where our guests can ask any questions, receive as much information as possible, make purchases on site or place an order for a larger quantity of products.
We welcomed you with a glass of champagne accompanied by some appetizers and above all with a big smile and good humor!
See you soon for an unforgettable Beauty Time together!