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Calm Derm Serum 30 ml.


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A unique serum designed to soothe the skin. The serum contains plant extracts: broccoli and licorice, which operate to soothe and strengthen the skin texture. Based on a unique patent – milli capsules that contain high concentrations of vitamins E, F, and H, which operate to increase the level of moisture and decelerate the aging process of the skin.


In stock

The CALM DERM line is an effective, therapeutic line designated to calm and treat couperose and sensitive skin. The line offers a variety of products to relieve skin disease symptoms, such as psoriasis, seborrhoea, atopic dermatitis and rosacea. Calming the skin.
Relieving the itching sensation.
Reducing the inflammation.
Increasing the moisture level.
Regeneration of the skin texture. The line is designated for a large range of audiences, and specifically for people with sensitive skin, as well as for people who suffer from chronic inflammatory skin diseases such as, psoriasis, seborrhoea, atopic dermatitis, and rosacea.